Kodius Academy

Kodius' academy course will introduce you to the of building your own application from scratch, along with other skills required to become a software developer.
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."
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You will learn:

  • what are front-end and back-end are and how they come together
  • slicing elements and collaborating with others over Git
  • how to work in Ruby on Rails (used by Twitter, Airbnb or GitHub)
  • how to work in Vue.js (used by Netflix, Adobe and Grammarly)
  • how to work in PostgreSQL (used by Uber, Instagram, Spotify)
  • Quick facts

    Applications open
    November 2020 - February 2021
    At your disposal
    Course language
    Will be here and there
    10 students
    4-6 weeks
    The Academy is intended for students and free of charge.
    Twice a week (Mon, Wed or Fri) in the late afternoon
    Kodius office Oreškovićeva 1a, Zagreb
    Photo of Kodius Academy leading instructor Tin Ilijaš
    Tin Ilijaš
    The course leader is Tin Ilijaš, Kodius COO who lead a number of teams on various projects, Vue.js Zagreb meetup organizer, certified AWS developer and a functional alcoholic. Tin's best skills are: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Vue.js, growing junior developers into real developers and, of course, evading bugs.
    Tin in work mode
    Tin is an experienced Full Stack developer who likes to share knowledge with others and meet interesting people with a vision.
    Tin, Kodius Academy leading instructor, at his working post

    Do you want to jump-start your career in software development?

    Course info

    During the Academy, you will work on your own sample app, which we will add features as we cover topics. Finishing the Kodius Academy will make you the author of your own application and your achievement will be formally recognized by a certificate.
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    Who is it intended for?
    The Academy is intended for anyone who wants learn about software development and how to build a project. Candidates should know the basics of CSS, HTML and Javascript.

    Besides having lecturers who actually work as top rated developers, you’ll get the authentic experience of code review, collaboration and how the office life looks like.
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    Application and selection process
    To apply for academy you will have to leave your contact details (we promise that we won't share your data) and solve a simple task to showcase your current knowledge and your solving abilities.

    Once you apply for the academy we will respond to your application in 1-2 business days.
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    Final thoughts
    You will gain valuable insight into high-quality application planning, development, production and delivery at enterprise scale.

    Plus, if you manage to impress us, we are always looking for talented juniors or paid interns.

    It's up to You...

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