Code of Ethics

Creating value means holding to a certain standard - technical, professional and ethical

In our work we adhere to certain ethical principles we like to emphasize. The Code of Ethics serves as a guide for our people and provides a framework for responsible and intelligent conduct. It does not cover every possible issue or situation but establishes the general principles which are then translated into action according to the established law and organisational code.

Communicate loud and clear

Science has shown that communication is the one single issue that keeps coming up in private and personal relationships. If we need clarification or additional information we will ask you about it. If there is an issue in the workplace, we will deal with it no matter how silly it is. Software development is a complex process and communication is the key to successful planning and correct estimates. Effective communication makes the building blocks of transparency.

Honesty is the best approach

If we see a problem lying ahead for our clients we will warn them about it, not wait until it turns into a billable issue. We see ourselves as partners in your endeavours and we approach the task with a long term frame in our mind. The most valuable currency isn’t crypto but trust, and trust builds great teams and even greater projects. Our employees work hard because they trust the rest of the team. Our clients agree as our excellent rating shows. Honesty is also the mortar of transparency.

Rational analysis

It is fun to discover and learn new things while doing them, but we tend to reserve this for our off-time. We adhere to the principle of planning before producing - we need to understand what the task demands and why so we can approach it holistically. Our offices are full of boards and flipcharts and we tend to use them quite liberally. There is no need to reinvent the wheel or heed your hunches. We have plenty of experience, sets of skills that complement each other and discussion.

Giving back to the community

Whenever we have time, we like to give back to the society. We organize free meetups about our technologies of interest, donate equipment to the needy and offer free advice and guidance to the aspiring clients and candidates. Making the community happier and smarter benefits the whole world and fosters a professional climate that helps the market grow, keeps the users happy and clients prosperous. Our skills and knowledge are available without reservation for the greater good.

No cost is spared

When it comes to our clients and partners, we use the highest quality technologies to ensure our quality is top notch. The careful balance between urgency and delivery is maintained with the help of latest technologies so that the product reaches the high standards we are known for. We keep track of optimal ways to organize iterative processes and feedback cycles to improve quality and shorten the development time.

Safe and diverse environment

Our company culture is open-minded, relaxed and stress free. We do not condone enforced work crunches and all overtime is paid. We do not discriminate on any bases and if you have the right skills and ambition you will be given a fair chance to work with us regardless of gender, race, age or background. No form of discrimination is tolerated as it deeply opposes our value and our ethics.

Keeping your information safe

Data is the most valuable resource in the world and we deeply care about its security. Our code will respect the privacy of the users while also safeguarding the products of our clients from any hostile parties. We deeply honor confidentiality agreements and will not breach the terms agreed with our clients. The flow of information has enabled and accelerated human progress and it is our duty to prevent any possible abuse of it.