Kodius team member Krešimir Bojčić
Krešimir Bojčić @Linked In
Kodius team member Krešimir Bojčić
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Krešimir Bojčić


With years of experience on his side as a full-stack specialist, he serves as a mentor to other developers – code review, pair programming, or other types of guidance - Krešimir is the go-to guy. His knowledge in optimizing performance issues, exposing bottlenecks, and designing system architecture attests to his expertise in scaling all types of systems. For building the perfect application, his goal is always to minimize complexity and work closely with the product owner to define clear and precise business goals. Since programming is his idea of a fun time, you can always depend on him to keep up with technology! He's the main person you will have contact with if you decide to trust us with your current or planned project.
"I enjoy building applications while minimizing complexity."
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