Kodius team member Orhidea Krasnić
Orhidea Krasnić @Linked In
Kodius team member Orhidea Krasnić
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Orhidea Krasnić

Junior Developer

Orhidea is a physicist by trade and a self-taught programmer. In her free time, when she is not programming, she likes to take nature walks with her dog, drive a bike, swim, and also read a good book. Working in education has shaped her into a patient person who knows how to listen and is not afraid of public speaking. Since her first time interacting with a computer in highs school, her love for them was born. As well as her wish to become a "hacker". At first, she transformed that wish into a hobby, but as she was going deeper into coding the wish transformed into a desire to make a career out of it.
"Think! It's not illegal yet."
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