Kodius team member Zvonimir Ivašković
Zvonimir Ivašković @Linked In
Kodius team member Zvonimir Ivašković
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Zvonimir Ivašković

Elixir Lead

A software developer with a passion for solving problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, Zvonimir has a wide variety of skills. As an Elixir master, whether you need integration with a third-party program or help with structuring and maintaining your application, he'll be there every step of the way. Through project documentation, he'll prove why his code I the best solution to your problem. He has recently decided to step into the clients' shoes and see how decisions are made from their viewpoint when product planning.
ElixirGraphQLRailsRubyPostgreSQLAdobe Photoshop
"For real experts, a miniature toolbox is plenty."
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