Kodius team member Zvonimir Ivašković
Zvonimir Ivašković @Linked In
Kodius team member Zvonimir Ivašković
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Zvonimir Ivašković

Software Developer

Zvonimir is our mechatronics guy. He likes to be close to the hood which is why he spends so much time around embedded systems. He's well-versed in C & C++ and knows his way around in AutoCAD. He likes to build computer systems from the ground up, is experienced with Solidworks and Circuit Maker but also has an eye for visual design. If we ever find ourselves in a war with the robots, we trust he'll be the first one to fry their circuits with a waterhose. And then he'll build new, better ones.
ElixirGraphQLRailsRubyPostgreSQLAdobe Photoshop
"For real experts, a miniature toolbox is plenty."
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