Use Rails to your advantage

Ruby on Rails presents a mature backbone for quickly developing scalable applications for the web. Use Ruby on Rails for large monoliths or tiny microservices

A solid and robust base for developing projects as fast as possible

Ruby gives you a solid base for business growth. With its sizeable community and rapid development speed, RoR makes prototyping a breeze along with the ability to scale up quickly. Its elegance and the convention over configuration mantra are a huge plus. Its focus is on making the developer happy, but from our experience, the client also ends up being happy as well!

Implementation Strategy
Analysis step notepad icon
Step #1
Identify and analyze goals in concord with us, ascertain what the software needs to accomplish and scope out requirements before making a sensible roadmap.
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Step #2
Using agile development teams, develop the best possible solution for yourself while taking into account any requirement changes that might come along and ensuring the flexibility to make adjustments when needed.
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Step #3
Testing & support
Through rigorous testing, get perfect outcomes. Use full support with signed SLAs and immediate response times.

People who can help

Implementing Google Authenticator in Active Admin
In this blog post we will be showing you how to implement a two-factor authentication solution for Rails Active Admin by using Google Authenticator in combination with a custom mailer for sending the QR registration code.