Top choice for UI/UX

Use React for building quick, robust, and modern interfaces for both the web and for mobile. The most dominant front-end platform and for a good reason too. With Facebook developing it and with a vast open-source community, there is a lot to reuse.

The preferred choice for client-side web applications

A perfect library for building your interfaces. Backed by strong players and continuously improving, React can be the perfect choice for your next front-end experience. One of the best frontend tools for web interfaces, with a component-based architecture that makes it a pleasure to reuse code, saving both money and time.

Implementation Strategy
Analysis step notepad icon
Step #1
Identify and analyze goals in concord with us, ascertain what the software needs to accomplish and scope out requirements before making a sensible roadmap.
Development step cloud storage icon
Step #2
Using agile development teams, develop the best possible solution for yourself while taking into account any requirement changes that might come along and ensuring the flexibility to make adjustments when needed.
Testing & support step tools icon
Step #3
Testing & support
Through rigorous testing, get perfect outcomes. Use full support with signed SLAs and immediate response times.

People who can help

Setting up React & Rails has never been easier
Just a couple of days ago Beta 1 of Rails 5.1 got released, bringing with it a slew of new features. Most prominent among them being the inclusion of Webpack. For the uninitiated, Webpack serves as a bundling tool for your project's JavaScript.