Passion. Performance. Personal growth. Perfection. Partnership. Purpose.

We are always looking to meet interesting and talented people. Perhaps you are the latest addition to our growing team. We offer competitive wages, great working conditions, and opportunity for advancement.

Introduce yourself to us, and we might just make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Open positions

We are full-stack developers by nature, and our technologies of special interest are Vue.js, Ruby on Rails, React, Node.js and Elixir.

Our values

Kodius is a software development agency providing service of development and design. We have entered a phase of rapid growth and have multiple long-term projects in the areas of financial technology and marketing technology.


Our contract is our bond. We complete tasks, collaborate with others, and give back to the community.


We think ahead so you don’t have to, and clean our code so nobody else has to.


Every project we face is both an opportunity to hone our skills and to have fun overcoming challenges.

Work space

Don’t stop us now, we are having such a good time.

Why make work a drudgery?

Kodius was founded on principles of a safe and pleasant office, unencumbered by usual trivialities.

Our employees are paid above-average wages and enjoy a host of benefits, including education budgets varied bonuses for performance, loyalty, and special occasions. Get to work with the latest technology and gadgets. Meet clients from all over the world, from America to Australia.

Our spacious office (located in the business zone near Microsoft and Datalab) allows us to host events and provide our members with the usual snazz of IT office life. We provide a growing number of perks to our employees, including free snacks, paid company lunches, recreation equipment and parking space.

Learn from seniors or have a break playing Red Dead; it doesn’t matter as long as you are growing and achieving. There will be always someone around to lend you a hand or challenge you to a game of darts.