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If you've already set a business goal, and you require cutting-edge technology for transforming it into a highly marketable product, you've come across the right team. Build a working prototype, develop it, and launch an innovative, user-friendly end product.


Learn how clients around the globe use Kodius knowledge to build stable and efficient apps or websites in order to upgrade their business.

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  • Portrait photo of Marius G. Bernhard

    Marius G. Bernhard

    CFO at ASTO Telematics GmbH

    Our business is telematics, and the amount of customer data we handle puts a strain on our responsiveness - we found ourselves in need of a solution to this problem. Kodius delivered in this department by improving the reaction time of a critical part of our infrastructure by up to three times.

  • Portrait photo of Brett Pozniak

    Brett Pozniak

    CTO at FlexCareers Pty Ltd

    We have a large candidate and employer base dedicated to improving job opportunities for females re-entering the workforce or looking for flexible working options, whilst providing better access to the most progressive employers across Australia and New Zealand. As our user base increased, so did our need for much-needed infrastructure resilience across multiple regions; as well as a development team who was happy to work with our product team and develop according to our needs as a market disruptor. With Kodius, we completed a successful transition of our entire platform to a technology stack far more suited for our current and future growth, resulting in better responsiveness, availability to our users and better protection of our data.

  • Portrait photo of Marko Njavro

    Marko Njavro

    CTO at

    As we rapidly grew into one of the largest news portals in Bosnia & Herzegovina, there was a need to significantly upgrade our infrastructure to accommodate the growth. We needed a more resilient way to handle the growth and variations in incoming traffic, as well as a way to secure our existing data and ensure the integrity of the site, especially concerning security and redundancy solutions which would provide an uninterrupted service to our readers. Kodius delivered a rapid, world-class solution by setting up a structure in line with our needs on the AWS platform and continue to provide superb ongoing support and enhancements to our platform.

  • Portrait photo of Emilija Čibarić

    Emilija Čibarić

    Partner at Babić&Čibarić

    Kodius were great to work with and they helped us greatly by developing our new web presence. Their openness enabled us to continue to work without a hitch, lending to their highly professional work ethic.

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