Kodius team member Ivan Delaš
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Kodius team member Ivan Delaš
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Ivan Delaš

Software Developer

As a screenwriter with years of experience in writing TV shows this man surely knows drama - but manages to avoid it in his daily work. His Journalism and Marketing degrees mean he has a keen eye for approaching audiences. We try to keep him busy so he doesn’t ruin the ending to one of his soap operas - after all, he knows who dies and who doesn't. Spoiler alert! Although his switch to the IT world was somewhat delayed thanks to his “soapy” engagement, his true love for programming came about early on - dabbling with BASIC on a C64. When not producing new cliffhangers, Ivan works with CSS, HTML, JS, Ruby and SQL. An interesting plot twist, indeed.
"They say devil is in little details. I like to cherry-pick 'em."
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