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Paperless paying. Simple, fast, free.

Paperless paying is one of leading consumer trends and this app features ease-of-use adoption for individuals, businesses and corporations. There is no need to worry about compatibility as iOS, Android and Desktop users can easily collaborate on the same data in an unrestricted multiple-payer.


Scan the 2D code on any bill with your mobile phone. You can also use mobile devices just for scanning and do the rest of your work on a PC. Avoid mistakes that happen because of manual entries.


The app supports multiple-payer workflow and has an easy way of adding and removing them at will. Accounting services can keep all of their clients in one place without being bottle-necked by the number of payers.


The app supports HUB-3 and SEPA formats and lets you enable automatic conversion from HUB-3 to SEPA format.


All scanned payment orders can be viewed at any given moment. If you decide to change anything on a scanned payment order, you can simply access the data and change the given parameters.


The app supports all mobile platforms, Android and iOS. You can use different platforms at the same time: you can sync up with an Android device and process your data on a PC, while at the same time your colleague may scan codes on an iOS device and send data to the same PC where all of the information will be processed together.



Municipal lighting control system. In terms of usage, the number one app of its type in Croatia.

GOSJAR: the pioneering app for controlling municipal lighting. Easy to use and to scale up, it was quickly adopted by the growing IT hub of Zagreb and remains unrivaled. Fully utilizing the potential of smartphones, field workers can report problems, repairwork or other changes.

The system incorporates geographical data, providing users with a complete database of contractors, repair errands, and network status in an intuitive yet detailed desplay. The app provides a full statistical report along with a task overview. This has been the top used web app of its kind in Croatia since 2010.

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