Is your outdated Ruby on Rails install keeping you up at night?
Is it regularly slowing down to a crawl? Does fixing things up feel like beating a dead horse?
Is your team brushing off your suggestions to upgrade? Are they telling you they don't have the necessary time? Aren't willing to put in the effort? Are you too hesitant to make any big moves? Worse yet, is your team of developers trying to convince you to migrate to Node.js or what have you? 🙈 The answer's simple - your project just needs a bit of ❤️!
Don't follow the hype 🚂
No sense in starting things over from scratch - You'll just be doing the same mistakes all over again. Let your team focus on delivering features! Hand over the dirty work to someone else!
Ignore the detractors! Here's what you get:
Protect your brand reputation by always staying ahead of the curve with latest security patches
Updated dependencies
Make use of fancy new features across the ecosystem
Easier upgrades
Streamline future upgrades and stop lagging behind!
Rid yourself of common bugs and issues
Easier development
Keep up with the latest trends in the development world by giving your devs an environment where they can develop more confidently
Better test support
Improve your TDD flow with increased testing capabilities and out of the box support for parallelization
Good karma
Treat your developers once in a while, it's good karma!
Better integration with inbound emails - comes with support for Mailgun, Mandrill, SendGrid and others!
Easily manipulate text with new and improved content formatting options and enhance your user's experience!
Parallel testing
Rails 6 comes with out of the box support for parallel tests! No more dirty hacks to achieve speedier execution!
Manage and bundle your JavaScript more easily with Webpacker! It's now set to default!
Expert wanted
an outlaw!
Think you're the last line of defense for your project? No one left giving a damn about it? Don't fret! We're here and we've got your back!
Version support
Double check that you're using a supported version! Don't be a Taillie! (that's a Snowpiercer reference 😉)
December 20, 2014
June 30, 2016
April 27, 2017
April 09, 2018
6.0.0 - Latest!
August 16, 2019
How long will this take?
The scope of it all will depend on the size, type and structure of your application as well as a bunch of other things such as what version you're on. It might take us just two weeks to do an upgrade or it might take up to ten weeks if it's a huge jump (e.g. from 3.2 to 6.0 - that's a LOT of refactoring!).
How much will this cost me?
The price depends on the size and breadth of your project. You can give us an estimate of your expected costs and contact us for further talks! Wonder what the process will look like? Here's how:
  • #1: Contact us! Don't be shy!
  • #2: Give us a short overview of your application and the codebase (no worries, we'll sign an NDA)
  • #3: Identify key areas before diving into it
  • #4: Come to an agreement with us and start the actual work!
What if our test coverage isn't that good?
It might make the process more tedious, but we don't care. It's easier if you have a higher test coverage, but we're still able to help you even if you have none.
How do I know how many lines of code there are in my project?
That's easy! Inside of your terminal type in the following command (or rather, copy and paste it)
find *.js' -o -iname '*.coffee -0' ) -exec wc -l {} + | sort -n
How do I find out my application's test coverage?
You can use a tool such as simplecov!
Is Ruby and RubyOnRails still relevant in 2020?
Although it's been already 15 years since its initial release, Ruby on Rails is still widely popular and used among developers. ... As of writing of this, it's still very much in the top of web frameworks (ranking at around #5 depending on the source). Our CEO wrote popular blog entry almost 8 years ago and it is still holds true to this day "What are the Benefits of Ruby on Rails?"
But what about competition?
We are pretty sure they can get the job done!😉 Lots of competition just means that Ruby on Rails as a platform is very much alive.
Why does doing an upgrade internally often fail?
Your own development team might try to move too quickly and they might not be aware of the various nitty gritty details associated with the upgrade. Adding new features is usually heavily prioritized by the business. To avoid doing a sloppy upgrade and prevent countless regression bugs it makes sense to have someone with more expertise in upgrades to the job for you!
Kodi Guarantee
Upgrades create new bugs!
But we'll make sure there aren't any left before the job's done! This means we'll also stay on call and maintain the app during the month ahead — all free of charge! When it comes to hiring the best Ruby on Rails developers, the famous quote: “don’t hire skills, hire attitude” is more than relevant.
Nicola Handley
Product manager at FlexCareers Pty Ltd
Kodius team helped us with a major update of Ruby and Ubuntu, jumping several versions at once.
The upgrade was complicated, a balanced approach taking risk versus speed into consideration was used. But it was completed seamlessly and faster than expected. Working with Kodius is a pleasure. They are extremely easy to communicate with, quick to understand the problem and complete a thorough analysis and provide options for different approaches.
Krešimir Bojčić
CEO at Kodius
Your Rails project is perfectly fine.
Code doesn't rust so don't let anybody sweetalk you into rewriting it from zero in some new fancy XY stack. You'll end up repeating the same old mistakes, just in a different technology. Keep your Rails project up to date, keep it relevant and don't mind the haters.
Mateo Vukušić
Developer at Kodius
It’s not that you could suddenly fall behind driving carriage, while others decided to take a ride on Maglev. No.
Being on the bleeding edge and keeping track with the latest is time-consuming, which is why I do that for you! Consider the benefits — no one wants to mess with unresolved dependencies, keep track of upcoming security patches and such! The lesser the friction, the more comfortable the ride. Which is why we'll handle the friction for you!
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